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Aramco – Saudi Arabia Oil Company Jobs, Net Worth, Production Per Day

Aramco, the largest oil and gas company in Saudi Arabia. Discover its headquarters in Dhahran and its impact on the global energy market. Explore the top 10 oil companies in Saudi Arabia and the country’s vast oil reserves. Find out about Saudi Arabia’s daily oil production and its role as a major oil exporter. Gain insights into the importance of Aramco and Saudi Arabia’s oil industry for the country’s economy and international trade.

The Powerhouse of Energy: Aramco & Saudi Arabia Oil Dominance

Aramco, officially known as Saudi Arabian Oil Company, is a state-owned oil and gas company based in Saudi Arabia. It is one of the largest and most valuable oil companies in the world. Aramco plays a crucial role in the global energy market and has a significant impact on the Saudi Arabian economy.

Saudi Aramco Headquarters, Owner, Subsidiaries

The headquarters of Aramco is located in Dhahran, a city in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. Dhahran is known as the administrative center of the company and is home to many of its employees. The headquarters complex is a modern and impressive facility that houses various departments and divisions of the company.

Top 10 Oil Companies in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is known for its vast oil reserves and is home to several major oil companies. Here are the top 10 oil companies in Saudi Arabia:

  1. Saudi Aramco
  2. Saudi Arabian Chevron
  3. Saudi Arabian Texaco
  4. Saudi Arabian Shell
  5. Saudi Arabian Total
  6. Saudi Arabian Mobil
  7. Saudi Arabian BP
  8. Saudi Arabian ExxonMobil
  9. Saudi Arabian Lukoil
  10. Saudi Arabian Petronas

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Saudi Arabia Oil Company Net Worth

The net worth of Saudi Aramco, the national oil company of Saudi Arabia, is estimated to be in the trillions of dollars. As a state-owned company, Aramco’s value is closely tied to the vast oil reserves it controls and the revenue it generates from oil production and exports.

Saudi Arabia Oil Reserves

Saudi Arabia is known to have the world’s largest proven oil reserves. It is estimated that the country has around 266 billion barrels of oil reserves, accounting for approximately 16% of the global total. These reserves are a vital asset for Saudi Arabia and play a significant role in its economy and global energy market influence.

Saudi Arabia Production Per Day

In addition to Saudi Aramco, there are several other oil and gas companies operating in Saudi Arabia. These companies contribute to the exploration, production, refining, and distribution of oil and gas resources in the country. Some of the notable oil and gas companies in Saudi Arabia include Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC), Saudi Chevron Phillips Company (SCP), and Saudi Arabian Oil Company (Saudi Aramco).

Saudi Arabia Oil Exports by Country

Saudi Arabia is one of the largest oil exporters in the world. The country exports its oil to various countries around the globe, including the United States, China, Japan, South Korea, and India. These exports play a crucial role in the country’s economy and contribute to its overall revenue and international trade.

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